Friday, May 02, 2008

My Little Sister

My sister’s name is Gail. She’s an upcoming 4th year high school student at Montessori, my alma mater school. She dreams of becoming a registered nurse someday. She loves to read books, raid different stores and take pictures of herself. :p We have lots of things in common, siyempre we’re sisters eh! 

- We're both wearing braces :p
- Loves: Shopping, music, movies, gadgets, bags, flip-flops, good food.
- Hates: B*atches, social climbers and plastics

Well… I must admit that she is smarter than me. She’s always on the top list of students in class and every year she goes up on stage to receive a certificate during recognition day. I am so proud of my little sister. Keep it up sis! Love you!