Thursday, September 26, 2013

OJT Experience

This is how my desk looked like when I had my on the job training at Philippine Airlines. It was kind of messy. Haha! Paperworks were piled up, phone lines were busy, pilots kept coming in and out and other things that require effort, hardwork and patience. I was no ordinary trainee as I was also doing other work that is not usually assigned to OJT trainees. It taught me so many things which I can truly be proud of. I have learned how Flight Operations work, how to mingle and work with superiors, etc. I just miss working with my PAL family. I have created so wonderful memories with them. 

Hot Chocolate at Mary Grace

Drinking a cup of hot choco or coffee is the best way to start off my day. It puts me into good mood and helps me to stay awake when I badly needed to. Mary Grace's hot choco is my second favorite next to Batirol's. If I am not mistaken, this one is a chocnut flavored hot chocolate and it tastes really good! You should not dare miss trying it when you are planning to dine in with your family or friends at Mary Grace. 

Forever 21 Wallet

Forever 21 is definitely one of my favorite shops. They sell fabulous clothes especially dresses and tops. It is here where I bought my two dresses that I wore on my graduation day. Aside from the dresses, I also bought this really nice wallet that has slots for photo and credit cards. It also has a compartment for other things such as identification cards and receipts.

iTunes Update

I have updated all of my Apple devices' software inlcuding my iPhone, iPod Touch 5 and iPad mini to ios 7 last week. When I was about to transfer some new songs into my iPod, a pop up message suddenly appeared, saying that I needed to have the latest version of iTunes. It was raining cats and dogs outside and the connection was intermittent due to bad weather. I am just hoping that the update will be finished when I wake up at 7 am tomorrow. 

Kapampangan Food

Mangan is a restaurant that offers delicious Kapampangan dishes. If my memory serves me right Mangan means "kain" in Tagalog or " eat" in the English language. The fish with buro is one of my favorites! I like anything extraordinary but not to the extent that I am going to indulge myself into some exotic food that has snakes or crocodiles in it. Kapampangans really know how to cook good food. I have been to some restaurants in Pampanga and all I can say is, "Manyaman." Manyaman means "masarap" in Tagalog or "delicious" in English. 

New Baby

I have just got my new baby! Thank you, dad! I asked him to buy it for me since the prices of Blackberry phones in the middle east are way cheaper than here. I have not gotten the chance to explore my Blackberry 9360 yet because I have been busy looking for a good business to start with my younger sister these past few days. I am thinking of selling some stuff online however I am still uncertain of the products that I am going to sell. Hopefully, I would be able to find some time to navigate my new gadget this coming weekend. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Animal Print Top

I am an animal lover. I have a soft spot for animals especially for dogs. We have 6 dogs in total and 1 of which is my very own dog. He is a mixed breed of toy poodle and lhasa apso. He is a very smart dog and loyal too. When I went out to do some grocery shopping with mom earlier, I saw this cute top with animal print on it. I did not think twice of getting it as I love anything that has something to do with animals particularly dogs! There are other nice designs available but this one really caught my eye. I got this top for an incredibly cheap price- PHP 150.00. I tried this on while wearing my aztec leggings and the combination was just perfect! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dinner at Superbowl of China

I am sorry if I am making some of you salivate with the food I've been posting lately. Again, I am sorry but I have to. :p These actually are the things making me busy for the past few days. My brother just arrived and my mom welcomed him with this-GREAT FOOD! She wanted him to enjoy his one month vacation here in the Philppines and since pork is not allowed in the Middle East, my mom prepared some of my brother's all-time favorite pork dishes. The photo above was taken when we had our dinner at Superbowl of China. Yangchow is our family's fave. We usually have the Large sized plate which is good for 6 to 8 persons. When it comes to viands, steamed fish fillet is what we always get together with other delicious meat and vegetable dishes such as lechon macau and beef with broccoli. 

Lucban Langgonisa

Hi to all my followers out there! I am posting this just to brag what I've just had for yesterday's breakfast. I know not all of the people who could read this are Filipinos. FYI: The photo above is called Lucban Langgonisa. It is a famous delicacy of Lucban in Quezon Province. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Longganisa but I'd make an exception to this one. Lucban Langgonisa is a must try particularly if you are visiting Quezon Province. Luckily, this delicious delicacy is now available in some leading supermarkets in Metro Manila. My mom discovered Sonsi's, a brand that sells longganisas from different provinces in the Philippines, when she did her grocery shopping at Shopwise the other week. Surprisingly, it tastes like authentic Lucban Langgonisa! It is so delicious! I can finish a dozen in less than 10 minutes. My sister bought three dozens of Lucban Langgonisa the other day and now only one dozen's left on the fridge. I wish I could stock up for more dozens but the freezer's space is just limited. 

Midnight Cravings

Who does not like having these for a midnight snack? My sister brought me a refreshing Serenitea wintermelon milk tea earlier this afternoon. It is guilt-free since it does not have any sugar on it. Despite not having any sugar content, the taste is still good and is not compromised at all. Since I did not have too much rice on my plate when I had my dinner tonight, I've just opted to have junkfoods to pair up with my milk tea drink. I am starting to live an unhealthy lifestyle again but I am hoping that I would be able to break this bad habit real soon. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gloria Jeans Coffee

Gloria Jean's Coffee is my second favorite coffee shop after Starbucks. I have got to taste it first at its branch in Eastwood. I instantly fell in love with it after the first sip. I can barely remember what I have exactly ordered. The second time I had GJ coffee was two months ago and it was in Pampanga. If my memory serves me right, I have ordered for white choco mocha. It was delicious! It did not fail my expectations as it suits my taste in coffee. 

Gloria Jean's Coffee Branches 
The Fort
SM Mall of Asia
Hyatt Casino
Petron Filinvest 
Petron Mega Plaza
SM Megamall 
Pan Pacific Hotel 
Blue Wave
Petron Bel-Air Square
Eastwood City Walk
Cebu Casino
Banilad Town Center
Shopwise Cubao 
Roxas Boulevard
Robinsons Galleria 
Trafalgar Plaza 
Union Bank Plaza 
Tomas Morato 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Afternoon Delight

Wendy's is one of my favorite fast food chains. I love their fries and burgers. When I bought some goodies for myself the other day, I happened to pass by Wendy's and just have decided to treat myself for some delicious snacks. I had the classic hamburger meal and sugar free iced tea for my drink. I was really satisfied with what I've had for that sunny afternoon. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking Photos

Taking photos is definitely one of the things I just love doing. My Nikon DSLR D3000 comes in handy when going to out-of-town trips. It takes real nice photos. I am using the automatic option since I don't know how to manually use it. It takes time for me to discover things but I am pretty sure that I'd eventually get the hang of it. When I don't feel like bringing my DSLR with me, I just use my iPod Touch 5 to take photos. Editing pictures is much easier as there are many camera applications that you can readily use. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chanel Inspired iPhone Casing

Isn't pretty? My new iPhone casing is so adorbs! I have been rummaging around to find this Chanel inspired casing and I am just too happy to finally found it. It's made of rubber so you won't have a hard time removing it if you feel like getting a new casing for your iPhone. There are other pretty colors and designs available when I purchased it at Alabang Town Center but this one just won my heart. I wish I had the money to buy all of them but I know it's not practical to splurge on something that you really don't need. 

Wintermelon Tea at Serenitea

Drinking milk tea is my newfound hobby. There are many shops that offer delicious milk tea drinks and one of them is Serenitea. Serenitea is the best place to go if you want to get some healthy tea drinks for yourself, for your family or for your friends.

You can choose the sugar level option. If you have a sweeth tooth then you should definitely get the 100% sugar level option but if you are health-conscious and you are watching your sugar intake then you can have a lesser sugar drink or no sugar at all. The wintermelon flavor is my favorite. This is what I usually get when visiting the store. 

Serenitea Branches
San Juan
B.F Homes
Alabang Town Center
Newport Manila
Robinson's Place Manila
Robinson's Galleria
Greenbelt Residences
Greenbelt 3 
Greenfield District 
Solenad 2
The Venice Piazza
Maginhawa Street
Scout Rallos
SM City North Edsa
Shangri-La Plaza
Festival Mall

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baked Mussels

Seafoods are something that I could eat each and everyday of my life. I know some seafoods are highly rich in cholesterol that is why it should be taken in moderation. One of my all-time favorite seafood dishes would be baked mussels. I like it with lots of cheese on top. It is even better when it's perfectly baked. Mesa is one of the few restaurants that offers delectable baked mussels. The size of mussels is enormous. You can also visit Seaside in Macapagal if you want to get some fresh and delicious seafoods at affordable prices. You can take it home or have it cooked at some of the seafood restaurants there. You just need to pay for the cooking fee which is inexpensive too. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

J.Co Donuts

J.Co Donuts? Who does not love it? Everytime I pass by a J.Co branch, there is always a long queue of people patiently waiting for hours just to have a taste of this delicious donuts. It sells like hotcakes! Sometimes, they ran out of donuts and you have to wait for another hour for the shelves to get restocked. Alcapone is the store's signature donut variant. J.Co Donuts are not too sweet compared to the other donut brands that I have tried. I guess it is suitable for health-conscious individuals like me. Aside from donuts, they are also offering yogurts and some refreshing drinks. 

Dimsum Overload at Superbowl of China

When you are having a bad day, you tend to eat whatever you'd like. When my dad came home last March, we always went out to have some fun-filled gastronomic adventures. Superbowl of China is one of my family's all-time favorite restaurants. After hearing the Sunday mass, we usually go here to have a delightful dinner then go to Starbucks afterwards to continue our chitchats over coffee. I am a sucker for delicious dimsum that is why I always get this dimsum set everytime. Henlin offers yummy dimsum too. I love it more when dipped in to a chilli toyomansi sauce. I suddenly remembered when my aunt and I ate at this restaurant in Hong Kong. The taste of the dimsum is very authentic. I wish I have the power to travel anywhere I'd like to go and if that happens, that restaurant would definitely the very first place i'd visit. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

On The Job Training at Philippine Airlines

Philippines Airlines is where I had my on-the-job training. I was assigned in the flight operations department where pilots report everytime. I have learned so much from my on-the-job training for almost six months. Yes, it took me six months to finish it as I have to polish off my thesis requirements too. Some of the tasks that were assigned to me by my supervisor were photocopying and filing important documents(curriculum vitae, evaluation sheets, PAQB interviews, passports, CAAP licenses, etc), taking phone calls, encoding the pilots' information onto the system(check reports, trip passes,etc), handling flight exchanges at times, and assisting pilots in some of their needs among others. The opportunity to work with the PAL pilots was truly an amazing experience. In fact, I have made friends with some of them. Some are generous enough to give me delicious goodies from their travels abroad and I would always remember them for the kindness and generosity they have shown me during my stay. Being a pilot seems to be a very difficult task but it is a fulfillment for them when they get to bring all of their passengers to their destination safely. 

SMX Convention Center

This place reminds me so much of my graduation day. One of the best things that ever happened in my entire life. SMX Convention Center is where events are usually held. It has an ample space to accommodate guests. The airconditioning system is okay. It will keep you cool and comfortable while you are attending an event with friends or colleagues. If you are planning to host a company event, for instance, an annual Christmas party, then SMX is the best place to be! 

Forever 21 Accessories

Most girls like accessorizing themselves and that includes me. I spend most of my blog earnings buying some cute and fancy accessories for myself. Forever 21 is one of the stores that sells fashionable clothes and accessories. This ring is a graduation gift from my sister. It can be paired with almost any outfit that I have, whether it is a formal or laid back outfit. I have been acidic eversince and fancy jewelries like this won't last any longer. But, whatever! I would still buy the accessories that I know would look good on me.

Reason For Being Inactive

It's been a while since I last posted here. The main reason of me being inactive for almost a year is that I became very busy with school. I just graduated last March and I really thank God for finally making my dreams come true. I also want to thank my family for always being there for me most especially to my dad for supporting my educational needs eversince I started schooling and to my mom whom I consider the best homemaker in the whole world! It took me some time to finish college as I've had a hard time picking which path really to choose. I once dreamt of becoming a medical doctor that is why I pursued a pre-medicine course at St. Scholastica's College but after spending 3 years studying all the Science subjects they have to offer and doing laboratory works everyday, I have realized that it really was not meant for me. I have stopped going to school for a while to help out my aunt who has a franchise business at Quezon province that time. I also did some contemplating and mulling over while I am on a break and after two years I have finally decided that I would take a Tourism course this time. I like travelling. I have started travelling here and abroad when I was in fifth grade. My very first out-of-the-country trip was with my  brother and grandparents. We visited my aunt who's been working as a bank accountant in Hong Kong. We stayed there for a week and visited all the beautiful tourist spots in the place. I took an entrance exam in San Beda College and passed it with flying colors. At first, I have had a hard time adjusting with the new environment but I eventually learned how to blend in as time passed by. I have gained new friends and learned so much from my professors during my stay in SBCA. Education is very important. It is your key to life's success and also to the success of your family and your future generations. I am happy that I've made my parents very proud of my recent achievement. 

Macbook Air

Maintaining two websites at the same time is kind of laborious. It really is a difficult task to think of topics that you will post on each site. My other website is more of an informative one as it provides some of the important details of a specific boutique, gadget or restaurant. While this blog is more of my experiences or daily rants. I consider this as my personal space. I feel that I can post anything on this blog without worrying of committing grammatical errors or whatsover. And I can freely express whatever I am feeling without getting criticized. When my dad gave me a Macbook Air on my graduation day, I was in euphoria because I knew it would be a perfect tool for my blogging. My old Asus laptop died on me and I've got no choice but to blog only using my iPhone or iPod. It is kind of hard to blog when your gadget does not have any keyboards on it. I have purchased a blue casing for my Macbook Air to protect it from getting any scratches. I am still learning how to use it. I am unfamiliar which keys to use to copy and paste or download a picture from a website. But I am certain that I would eventually get the hang of it.

Down With Colds

It's been raining cats and dogs lately and the weather is kind of bipolar. My mom has been down with colds and flu and since we live in the same house and we usually use one glass when eating meals, I caught the virus and had been down with colds too for almost a week. The fruits and meds helped me get rid of the annoying colds. It is very important to take a dose of vitamin C everyday. It helps to boosting your immune system. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Is Inside My Bag

What is inside my bag? I am quite sure some of you are inquisitive of the things that I usually bring with me whenever I go out. iPhone, lipstick, wallet and camera are some of the things that you can find inside my bag. However, I do not bring my dslr when I am doing my shopping/grocery shopping. It is kind of heavy so I usually don't bring it with me. It just so happened that I've attended my sister's oathtaking ceremony when I took  this shot. My make up kit which contains powder, blush on and eyeshadow was not captured on this photo. And yes, my perfume and headphones too. 

Vanity Strikes Again

Make-up is every girl's bestfriend. I have started wearing make-up when I was in first year college. My aunt taught me how to apply blush-on and lipstick and eventually learned how to get it done all by myself. Whenever she comes home to spend the holidays with the family, she always gives me some stock of MAC products and cute nailpolishes from famous brands such as O.P.I and Essie. Last time, I bought myself some Face Shop nailpolishes and blush on. The peach shade blush on complements my fair skin tone. I get praises from my friends whenever I wear it together with my Angel shade MAC lipstick. I also adore the color of my new nailpolish. It makes my hands look 2 years younger! LOL. I wish I could have all the products from my favorite make-up brands especially those cute MAC lippies I have been seeing on online stores. They are too die for!