Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lunch at Island Cove Resort

Going to a short out-of-trip has become the yearly tradition of the family everytime my dad comes home for a 3-week vacation. Island Cove Resort is my dad's favorite location 'cause it's just an hour away from home. He also loves the peaceful scenery and impressive Pinoy food in Island Cove Resort. 

Three days before my dad left for abroad, he drove us to his favorite location for a yummy Pinoy lunch/merienda. Crispy pata is one of the many viands we've had for lunch. 

     Crispy Pata (good for 3-4 people)

I personally loved the binagoongang baboy. It was cooked the way I liked it. I also loved the dessert platter we have had afterwards. 

There was an event (Exodus Music and Arts Festival) that day so the resort was a bit crowded. Different bands (local and international), from various music genres, performed to entertain the resort guests and concertgoers. 

K-Palette Eye Makeup Goodies

K-Palette? It's heaven-sent for all of us girls who can never leave the house without wearing makeup. My brows have been my problem ever since and I'd never get tired of ranting about it. (Kasi nakakainis talaga) I have tried numerous eyebrow makeup products but NONE of them passed my standards. (feeling makeup guru, pagbigyan na)

Discovering K-Palette was one of the best days of my life. I was literally jumping in joy when I purchased my first ever K-Palette eyebrow liner. When I got home, I tried it out right away and caught myself smiling the whole time while applying this impeccable eyebrow liner. Sometimes I couldn't believe that I'm actually wearing one 'cause it does a great job in mimicking my eyebrow hair. 

My K-Palette eyebrow liner pen's almost empty after a few months of using it, so I went to Beauty Bar-Alabang Town Center the other day to snag some K-Palette eye make up goodies. I got the 2way eyebrow pencil instead of the eyebrow liner, for a change. And the rave reviews online is also the deciding factor in buying it. 

Another MUST HAVE in every makeup kit would be the real lasting eyeliner. I didn't blow off the chance of acquiring this holy grail make up product 'cause I was greatly inspired by my favorite local MUA. She can create a perfect winged eyeliner in a jiffy. A true artist, indeed!

Just like what I did with my eyebrow liner, I tried it out right away and also caught myself smiling the whole time while applying it to my kaawa-awang eyebrows. The 2way eyebrow pencil obviously has two sides (pencil and powder). I used the pencil tip to draw my eyebrows, then I applied the powder tip to fill in gaps and to achieve a softer look. It has a stronger color opacity-- perfect for those who have lesser eyebrow hairs like me. Thank you K-Palette for making our eyebrow game stronger than ever! 

Now let's move on to the real lasting eyeliner. Eyeliners aren't new to me but it's always been a struggle for me to create that seamless eyeliner makeup. It's tricky and quite hard to achieve especially with liquid eyeliners. But with K-Palette's real lasting eyeliner, I instantly felt like a pro. 

The real lasting Micro eyeliner has an impressive .05mm micro thin brush. I personally recommend this for beginners who wanted to score a beautiful eyeliner makeup effortlessly. Never understimate the tenuity of its brush 'cause in every flick you'd always get that consistent super black color. (See sample below). 


Pros (2way Eyebrow Pencil) 
- Stronger color opacity
- Long lasting
- Easy to apply 
- Nice packaging
- Can be removed with soap and water (No makeup remover needed) 

Cons (2way Eyebrow Pencil)
- Quite pricey

Pros (Real Lasting Eyeliner) 
- Strong color
- Long lasting 
- Easy to apply
- Nice packaging 
Can be removed with soap and water (No makeup remover needed) 
- Perfect for beginners 

Cons (Real Lasting Eyeliner) 
- Quite Pricey 

Monday, March 09, 2015

Forever 21 Sandals

Good shoes take you to good places. I got this beautiful pair of sandals from Forever 21. I have been lusting for this pair for quite a long time now and I'm very lucky to get the last pair for this style. (sa size ko pa) It really is meant for me. 

It is my first ever pair of Forever 21 sandals 'cause I'd normally just get clothing pieces and fancy accessories from them. NO regrets in getting these sandals even if it comes with a hefty price tag. It is snug and it really goes well with my everyday outfits. This pair would be overused for sure. 

The white one looks gorg too but I'm thinking of getting another style or from another brand. The last time I checked SM department store, I saw a lot of pretty pairs of white sandals from Parisian. (In fairness, pwedeng pantapat sa mamahaling brand) 

Monday, March 02, 2015

Size Matters Alabang Town Center

Hungarian sausage from Size Matters, Alabang Town Center is what I've munched on during the movie, Kingsman: the Secret Service at Alabang Town Center. The movie was awesome. It was action-packed and the characters played their roles very well. 

Baby and I enjoyed the movie even more because of the delish snacks we've devoured. Baby got herself the all-beef burger while I went for the hungarian sausage sandwich. The taste of the hungarian sausage sandwich wasn't that spectacular but I really liked the bread they've used. It has some butter on it which made it a lot tastier and more delightful to eat. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to taste my baby's all-beef burger. But she's said it really did make her palate extremely happy. 

Size Matters Alabang Town Center
Ground floor, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City