Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baskin Robbins

Ice cream makes me weak on the knees. I got a cup of some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. It was definitely a scoop of joy! There were many flavors to choose from but I opted to have the classic flavor ( Very Berry Strawberry) since I have big love affair with berries. 

What I love about it is that it has real strawberry bits. It's far cry from the ones I've tried before. The ante is quite pricey but definitely a bang for the buck. Thank you baby for indulging my whim! On our next visit, let's try their caramel praline cheesecake. Teehee! 

Baskin Robbins Branches: 
Central Square BGC
Ayala Fairview Terraces
Greenbelt 5

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sunnies By Charlie Sunglasses With UV Protection

Summer's already here. The scorching hot weather's making me intensely narked and uncomfortable. Sometimes, I wear some sunblock and my pair of sunglasses from Sunnies by Charlie to keep me out of the sweltering heat of the sun. 

This pair is definitely a perfect match with my lazy outfits. (white top and ripped jeans) It has UV protection so rest assured that your eyes are protected from the sun's harmful rays.

There are more pairs that I'd like to get from them especially the classic aviator that comes with three interchangeable lenses. It would be perfect for travelling or if you just wanted to be in style. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stylized By Liz Uy

Liz Uy is one of the many fashion icons that I really look up to. She is a fashion editor and stylist to famous celebrity clients here in the Philippines including Kris Aquino, Georgina Wilson, Bianca Gonzalez and Julia Barretto among others. Her book, Stylized, is heaven-sent to all of us women who wanted to develop our skills in styling our everyday wardrobes. 

I just love how this book gives every detail that I need when it comes to styling basic white shirts, jeans and leggings. I am into jeans as in. I hardly wear sophisticated clothes for the reason that I don't have that kutis porselanang skin. I have got stretch marks all over my body due to drastic weight loss and I'm not comfortable with it. 

That's why, jeans have become a staple fashion item in my life. Usually, I'd go out just wearing a basic white tee, jeans and sandals. Sometimes, I'd add some fancy accessories to make my simple and laidback outfit kind of edgy. 

Hands down to Liz Uy for writing this book. I'm sooo following her fashion tips and ideas! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Larcys Cupcakery Cafe BF Homes Paranaque

A restaurant's ambiance is a must for me that's why Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe in BF Homes captured my heart in an instant. It has a nice cozy atmosphere that made my dining experience more dreamy and indelible. 

The place is quite roomy to hold guests. My sister and I sat in the corner so we could take a better view of the whole cafe. 

The pasta was flavorful. I didn't expect it to be SOO delicious knowing that Larcy's specialty is dessert (cupcakes). I literally scraped my plate with fork. (eh masarap kasi talaga)

The cupcake is the highlight of our toothy merienda at Larcy's. I got the pineapple carrot cake which I devoured in less than 5 minutes. Definitely, a winner for me 'cause it isn't too sweet. 

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe BF Homes: 
178 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque City. 

Cafe Mediterranean Alabang Town Center

I am the kind of person who likes trying out new things especially when it comes to food. Just recently, Baby and I went for a quick lunch at Cafe Mediterranean in Alabang Town Center. Obviously, this restaurant serves Mediterranean dishes. I have strong liking in the food we have ordered, Gyro Platter. 

Gyro Platter is good for two people. We went for regular pita instead of rice for a change. It is made up of strips of beef, tuna and chicken, Falafel and strips on grilled zucchini and eggplant and is served with Tzatziki and Shepherd's salad. The meat has great flavor and taste especially when dipped into their special sauces. My mouth was partying the entire time because of the succulent and flavorful food I devoured. 

Cafe Mediterranean Branches: 
Greenbelt 1
Powerplant Mall 
Alabang Town Center
SM Mall of Asia
Estancia Mall Capital Commons
Abreeza Mall Davao
Chimes Davao