Friday, January 31, 2014

Shakey's Pizzanatic Supercard

Now I know why everyone loves the Shakey's Pizzanatic Supercard. I've got myself one to enjoy the exciting discounts and freebies, including a free pizza for every large or party size (any crust, any flavor except Classic Cheese and Garlic n' Cheese) and 1.5 liter Coke, 10% discount on dine-in and carry out purchases and a birthday treat that includes a free large thin crust pepperoni pizza. 

For your free pizza, you can choose from the following flavors: Hawaiian Delight, Pepperoni, Classic Cheese or Garlic n' Cheese. You can earn points too using your Shakey's Pizzanatic Supercard. For every Php 100.00 dine-in or take-out purchase, you will earn 1 point. Earned points can be used on your next purchase. What are you waiting for? Get this Shakey's Pizzanatic Supercard now to enjoy these perks too! 


Today's Haul: Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut. I got these 2 bars of sugar free dark chocolate for a price of 1 (buy one take one promo). It only costs PHP 214.00 at SM supermarket. 

Valor Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut contains maltitol. According to some reliable sources that I've read online, maltitol is a sugar alcohol. It is normally used in sugar free products such as candy, chocolate and nutrition bars. 

The taste has a resemblance with the regular sugar that's why many are using it in their products. Maltitol is a carbohydrate. It has 2 to 3 calories per gram. Since it's a carbohydrate, please expect it to have an impact to your blood glucose. And yes, some people who are consuming maltitol experience intestinal discomfort. So it's best to take it in moderation. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fruits In Ice Cream

I truly find joy in eating whatever I'd like. However, I really have to control my unhealthy cravings sometimes as I've got some serious health issues that shouldn't be taken for granted. 

I am just thankful that there are restaurants offering guilt-free food for health-conscious people like me. Last time, I've had a yummy dessert at Fruits in Ice Icream in Tagaytay City with baby. It was a no sugar added ice cream but the taste wasn't compromised at all. There were several flavors to choose from but I've picked the mixed berry flavor since it's the store's best seller for the FIC lite option. Would love to try the vanilla flavor on my next visit. 

Skin Lightening Products

Today's Haul: Celeteque moisturizer, Eskinol Spot-less white, Kojie San skin lightening soap and Olay natural white. If you would notice 3 out of 4 are lightening/whitening products. I have a fair skin but I've got a little darker due to frequent sun exposure. 

I'm kind of desperate to get my old skin color back that's why I'm really trying out different skin lightening/whitening products that would actually work for me. I'm going to update you guys once I've noticed any improvements using these beauty products.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekend at Project Pie

Project Pie is one of the newly-opened pizza parlors in the south area. I've got the chance to try it with my younger sister and her boyfriend two Saturdays ago. 

People were queuing at the counter when we got in. They looked pretty much excited in selecting the toppings that they'd get for their pies. As a first timer, I got excited too! 

Crumbled meatballs, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and red bell peppers were some of the toppings that I've got while my sister and her bf almost had the same thing except for the jalapenos and pineapples. 

The service was real fast. I got my order in less than five minutes. The first bite was like... Uhhh.. Heaven! The crust was crispy and the toppings were just perfect. I've finished the four slices of pizza in less than 20 minutes. Apart from good food and very fast service, I also liked the ambiance which is very artsy.

Project Pie Branches: 
- Alabang
- Shaw Boulevard
- Blue Bay Walk

Rating: 4.5/5 (Alabang Branch- The ground floor tends to be real crowded. Needs to widen the space a bit) 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pepero Almond

I love Pepero especially the almond and chocolate variant. It's the best pretzel I've ever tried in my lifetime. The almonds make it extra delicious! No wonder why Lotte is the number 1 brand in Korea because it makes real yummy snacks like this! Would love to try the peanut variant too since I'm a sucker for nuts! 

Tips On Saving Up

Saving up is one of the things that I should have done many years ago. I truly regret not saving up the money that I've always got from my school allowances, birthdays and Christmas bonuses. I could have been 10x richer now. :(

Anyway, I chanced upon this money chart while browsing my Facebook newsfeed just yesterday. It's called the 52- week challenge by many. I'm up to do this challenge. I'd love to save up as much as PHP 68,900 by the end of the year. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Pacman? This is definitely one of my favorite games back in the day. I remember playing this in our family computer with my big brother. The thrill and excitement it gives out is priceless! I'm just so happy that it's now available on Apple Store. I can play anytime of the day! :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mango Crepe at Baguio

I'm just crazy about crepes. Yes.. I know it isn't good for me but it isn't bad to treat yourself sometimes, right?. This crepe is the one I had with Baby when we went to a short Baguio getaway. It's a mango crepe with vanilla ice cream on top and drizzled with some yummy chocolate syrup. It's heavenly delicious! It's perfect for individuals who have great love for desserts. Baby has a VERY sweet tooth. Her meals are never complete without any dessert- Be it cake, chocolate, cupcake or ice cream.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tagaytay Getaway

Last January 17th, Baby and I went to an out-of-town trip to celebrate her birthday. We left Manila around 3 in the afternoon and arrived safely at Tagaytay City around 4:30. We stayed in a hotel where convenience stores and restaurants were just few blocks away. 

The hotel was plain simple and the rooms were okay. Our room was equipped with television set, hot and cold shower, small dining table and wifi. The bed was comfortable and a comforter was provided to keep us warm the whole night.

The staff was very warm and friendly. They all greeted us with a smile and were kind enough to show us the directions going to some famous tourist spots in the place. Before going out for her pre-birthday dinner, I've made a little surprise for her. Aside from the Birthday presents, I also got her a round chocolate cake from Tous Le Jours and a stem of white rose that I purchased just an hour before we met. I placed them all in our bed while she was busy prepping up inside the powder room. 

After unboxing all her gifts and trying on her new belt and kicks, we've decided to rest for a bit so we could have all the energy to brave the cold weather outside.

It was around 7 PM when we left our hotel room. We checked out all the restos nearby and majority of them can also be found in Manila. Since it's her birthday and we wanted it to be extra special, we've made the call to go to RSM resto which offers lutong bahay dishes.

We went for some baked mussels and bulalo. The bulalo is to die for!  Trying out their famous Bulalo should be on your to do list when you visit Tagaytay with your family and friends. Sipping the hot soup is good to beat the cold weather and it's even better when shared with your loved ones. 
Second day was spent by having my favorite white chocolate mocha espresso at Starbucks and visiting the Picnic Grove and Skyranch. Picnic Grove was our first stop. The place was not crowded since it was a weekday. Aside from the zipline, nothing really has changed the last time I got there. It needs renovation (cottages, restrooms, etc). I hope DOT would have the initiative to reconstruct the whole place to get more potential local & foreign visitors. 

It was already past lunchtime when we thought of filling our empty stomachs. We had our lunch just across the Picnic Grove. I had grilled tilapia while baby ordered for some healthy ampalaya with beef. 

Afterwards, we went back to our hotel to take some siesta. It was almost 5 PM when we woke up. Before going to our final destination for that day, we had a quick stop at Starbucks Coffee. 

Skyranch is our final stop. I saw the bright and lofty ferris wheel the moment I stepped out of the vehicle. It was amazeballs! We didn't try any of the rides inside though but it was indeed a day well-spent with baby. 

For our third and last day, we spent it buying pasalubong for our families. Before heading home, we had a quick stopover at the Cliffhouse to have some guilt-free dessert. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mcdonald's Evia

I'm really not a breakfast person as I always get up from my bed kind of late. But last time my uncle fetch us early in the morning, that was around 7:30, to meet up with my aunt and her Polish husband before they leave for New Zealand in the afternoon. We've decided to drop by at Evia to have some delicious sausage platter breakfast at Mcdonald's. Since I was kind of starving that time, I've decided to get some hashbrowns and hot choco too. 

* Mcdonald's Evia is located in Daang Hari and Daang Reyna intersection. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Problem with Closed Minded People

Can you feel me? I hate it when some people are being too judgmental. Hello, we are now in the modern era and you should learn how to accept the fact that people and things change. And yes, don't regard yourself as someone who's perfect. We all commit mistakes. Just mind your own business and rest assured we're going to be the best of friends! 

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cute Hello Kitty

I saw these cuties when I went shopping with my family at SM Southmall last Holiday season. I am really not a huge Hello Kitty fan but I find them so adorable that I couldn't resist to take a picture of them. I remember owning a Hello Kitty bag back in 3rd grade. It was really cute! My friends were asking me where did I get it. It was not available in the Philippines that time since it came all the way from HK and it was a limited edition bag.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Island Cove with Family

How did you spend your holiday vacation, guys? As for me, I've spent it with my family and relatives. My two favorite titas came home last month and we went to a few out-of-town trips. One of the places we've visited is Island Cove in Kawit, Cavite. It's only an hour away from home via Cavitex (Cavite Expressway). 

We've stayed at one of the cottages in the Fishing Village. Since it was my aunt's wedding anniversary, the sky's the limit! We went for different Filipino viands and delicacies.

Island Cove Address: 
Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite Philippines 4104
Tel #: (+632) 8107878

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Starbucks Planner

Last Holiday, I have spent most of time going to Starbucks Coffee. It has been a tradition for me to get the Starbucks planner every year. Of course, in order to do that, I have to collect a total of 18 stickers( 9 holiday drinks & 9 regular drinks). 

Finally, I was able to redeem my Starbucks planner last week, with the help of my ever thoughtful sister. :)