Friday, May 30, 2008

Love my hair

I'm so in love with my hair! :) I had a hair rebond just two weeks ago at a salon nearby. It only cost me PHP 1500.00 including cellophane and other hair treatments. The whole procedure almost took me 7 hours since there were other customers who were having the same service too. I'm quite content with the service they have rendered. The hair stylist was very friendly. He even offered to buy me some food cause it was already past dinnertime when we finished. 


alvincheng said...

U look nice like this

blessedmom said...

pretty hair for a pretty girl! back in Pinas, i used to have my hair rebonded. i forgot the name of the place, mejo matagal na kasi, but they really did a great job on my hair, even the hair roots are taken cared's located in Eastwood, Libis...darn! wish i could remember the name! kaasar! nyways, i love how ur hair looks on the pic. go, girl! :)

Tessa said...

hi there gracie :)

nice hair. is rebond okay for staight hairs? d ba nakakasira ng buhok? haven't tried it kasi. hangang hot oil lang ako... :D