Monday, August 18, 2014

YABU: House of Katsu

I am glad to announce to all of you that I just joined the YABU: House of Katsu craze! Good remarks from different food blogs online is the main reason why I gave in. Plus, I have great love for Japanese cuisine and I just could not let this pass. Baby and I trouped to its ATC (Alabang Town Center) branch for dinner. It was around 6 P.M when we got in and there were only a few empty tables left. The longest table was occupied by a group of office workers and we were seated next to them. They seemed to be first-timers too as they were shown how the YABU ritual is done.

The Yabu ritual is done by grinding the sesame seeds in a small bowl then pour some Tonkatsu sauce and you are all set!

I went for the Rosu (Pork Loin) set which is served with unlimited Japanese white rice or brown rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, cabbage with a choice of dressing, and a bowl of fruit (pineapple and watermelon).

While baby had the Hire and Seafood Katsu set which is a mixture of pork and seafood. It also comes with unlimited Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing, and a bowl of fruit. 

The Pork Tonkatsu I had was crispy on the outside and incredibly juicy on the inside. It was no ordinary Katsu for me since it tastes real authentic. I had two rounds of miso soup, fruits, and LOTS AND LOTS OF CABBAGES! The GOMA dressing (roasted sesame) is what I poured on top of my cabbages! It was flavorsome! I wish I could find some Goma sauce at mainstream grocery stores. It would surely make a perfect dressing for my veggies! 

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