Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chicabooti BF Jeans

This is my first ever pair of ripped BF jeans! I have been looking for this kind of pair for the longest time and I was lucky enough to find one at Chicabooti, a famous Australian clothing brand. 

The size is kind of big for me though. I would just have it repaired by Alter to Fit, hopefully by next week. I really am not new to Chicabooti brand because my aunt who is based in Wellington-New Zealand has brought me some Chicabooti pieces last Christmas and they were all GORG!


Genzel Kisses said...

I love your jeans! I do alter my own clothes sometimes and cut my old jeans to shorts :D Haven't heard of the brand but love the name ah! :D

Gracy said...

@Genzel- Thank you, Genzel! Yes, cutie no? They are selling real nice clothes especially dresses!