Friday, November 28, 2014

Classy Bob Hairstyle

I have been itching to cut my hair short and I'm just glad that I did. The hot and humid weather these past few days is the foremost reason why I gave in. Baby was kind enough in helping me find the best-est hairstyle appropriate for my square-faced shape. Keira Knightley's classy bob hairstyle really looked good on her so I have decided to go for the same hairstyle too. 

I had my haircut done for the first time at Salon One in Festival Supermall. Unfortunately, I failed to get the hairstylist's name 'cause I was feeling under the weather since I woke up yesterday. He was able to pull off the classy bob hairstyle that I wanted. He wasn't abrasive unlike the other hairstylists that are talkative and loud. I'm very pleased with my new hairstyle.