Saturday, December 06, 2014

For the Love of Starbucks Planner


Collecting Starbucks planner has become a yearly tradition for me. It really is a good feeling whenever I get to claim my Starbucks planner every year. Last week, I was able to redeem my 2015 Starbucks planner with the help of my ever supportive girlfriend. We had to drink 4 cups of frappuccino in order to complete the 18 stickers. In fact, I was already palpitating after finishing my first drink but I survived, thank God! (for the love of Starbucks Planner)Haha. 

For dinner, we've just had bread and pasta. I had the Spam Black Pepper, Egg and Cheddar on New York Bagel while baby had Bacon, Egg and Cheddar on English Muffin. Sad to say, I didn't enjoy my Spam Black Pepper, Egg and Cheddar as I found the bagel too hard to chew. Good thing, my girlfriend happily shared her sandwich with me. Despite my dismay, it was still a day well spent!