Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stylized By Liz Uy

Liz Uy is one of the many fashion icons that I really look up to. She is a fashion editor and stylist to famous celebrity clients here in the Philippines including Kris Aquino, Georgina Wilson, Bianca Gonzalez and Julia Barretto among others. Her book, Stylized, is heaven-sent to all of us women who wanted to develop our skills in styling our everyday wardrobes. 

I just love how this book gives every detail that I need when it comes to styling basic white shirts, jeans and leggings. I am into jeans as in. I hardly wear sophisticated clothes for the reason that I don't have that kutis porselanang skin. I have got stretch marks all over my body due to drastic weight loss and I'm not comfortable with it. 

That's why, jeans have become a staple fashion item in my life. Usually, I'd go out just wearing a basic white tee, jeans and sandals. Sometimes, I'd add some fancy accessories to make my simple and laidback outfit kind of edgy. 

Hands down to Liz Uy for writing this book. I'm sooo following her fashion tips and ideas!