Monday, February 04, 2008

Big Appetite

I have got a big appetite. I just love dining out with my family every weekend. We almost have tried all types of cuisine and I can say that Filipino is still our favorite. I can still recall the days when my family and I used to hang out at Alabang Town Center and try all those really nice and cozy restaurants. 

Here's the list of our favorite restaurants:

Gerry Grill, Bacolod Inasal, Inengs, Krocodile Grill, Tapa King, North Park, Super Bowl, Mongkok, Mr.Choi, Chef The Angelo, Sbarro, Yellow Cab, Red Crab and many many more.

I just can't wait for our next food trip! I saw some new places to eat and I'm pretty sure my family would love it especially my dad. My dad has a big appetite too. He just loves having Pinoy food every time he comes home for a 1-month vacay.