Monday, February 11, 2008

JS Prom

Seventeen more days to go before my little sister’s prom. I can’t wait to see her wearing the gown I’ve personally picked for her. I am pretty sure the gown will perfectly fit her slender body and I hope she will be one of the prom queen candidates. The venue will be at Bellevue hotel in Alabang. She told me that she has plans of staying overnight with her close friends after the event. I didn’t go to the prom during my high school years so I don’t know how it feels like attending the JS Prom. I was insecure of my body that time. I was often called "fat" or "giant" by my guy classmates. In short, I was a victim of school bullying! But it was one of the motivational factors that pushed me to change my unhealthy lifestyle. I'm just glad that I did it! Now, I'm more comfortable with my physical appearance. Finally, I can wear medium-sized clothes from my favorite local stores!