Friday, March 14, 2008

End Of The Road For David Hernandez

I think the reason why David Hernandez was voted out of American Idol is because of the male stripper issue. According to the news, he appeared as a stripper at one of the Phoenix nightclubs and performed lap dances for male clients. It shows that America hates gay strippers huh. :)

If I were to choose between Kristy and David, I would definitely pick David to stay at AI. I am not a fan of country music which is the genre of Kristy Lee Cook. :p

The remaining finalists include:

Jason Castro
David Archuleta
Chikezie Eze
Michael Johns
David Cook
Ramiele Malubay
Brooke White
Carly Smithson
Amanda Overmyer
Syesha Mercado
Kristy Lee Cook

Ramiele Malubay for the win!