Friday, November 08, 2013

Giga Products

Giga slimming and whitening soaps are being raved by so many. The rave reviews made me try some of their products. There's no harm in trying, right? Even if it's way out of the budget, I still purchased these three the last time I went shopping at Festival Mall in Alabang. 

I have a fair complexion. I actually don't need to spend on whitening soaps anymore but my skin in the arm area got a bit darker. 

I also acquired a Seaweed soap and oil which is said to firm, tone and de-fat. The  seaweed oil costs PHP 310 while the seaweed soap and skin lightening soap costs around PHP 80 each. I've chosen the Giga brand because it's organic. It's made of natural ingredients that is perfect for any skin type. If you have sensitive skin then you really should go for organic products! 

It's only my second day to use them so obviously there's no any visible change yet. The seaweed oil has a cooling effect after applying it on my belly area. I like anything that has a cooling effect especially during bedtime. It gives out a soothing and calming feeling and helps to put me into good sleep.