Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fruits in Ice Cream: Choco Marble Lite

My tummy's in euphoria again. I just had Fruits in Ice Cream's Choco Marble Lite in a cup at Alabang Town Center. It is low in fat, sugar free and it tastes really good, as if I'm eating a regular ice cream. The FIC Lite has 5 delicious flavors: Mangoes and Cream, Cafe Latte, Choco Marble, French Vanilla and Mixed Berries. I was able to try the Mixed Berries too and so far, it's my favorite! My sister had the regular ice cream in Avocado flavor and the taste was sterling. I'm going to try the Mangoes & Cream on my next visit and I'd get the double scoop in a sugar cone. 


Sammie Dacanay said...

Oooh!! Sounds yummy. I'll try that when I go to town.
Hope you can visit my blog.


may said...

looks yum!