Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kenji Tei Alabang Town Center

Baby and I have agreed to try all the restaurants in our favorite shopping mall in the south, Alabang Town Center, especially the ones we haven't tried before. We have been to a few and mostly, they were Japanese restaurants. Yes, that's how crazy we are for Japanese cuisine! Just yesterday, we headed to Kenji Tei for some ramen and salmon sushi for our late lunch. We have decided to sit near the entrance door so we could take photos without getting the attention of others. 

I had large bowl of Shoyu Ramen (P325) while Baby had Spicy Negi Ramen (P365). My Shoyu Ramen has similar taste with the one I've had in Greenbelt recently. Baby allowed me to have a taste of her ramen and I liked it more. My palette loves anything spicy 'cause it gives out an extra kick and it helps lessen the umay factor. I just wished that they've added up some veggies in the Spicy Negi Ramen. It was all pork which isn't really a good idea especially for health conscious individuals. I liked the salmon sushi(P145) too, but I'd always be a salmon sashimi lover.