Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lunch at Island Cove Resort

Going to a short out-of-trip has become the yearly tradition of the family everytime my dad comes home for a 3-week vacation. Island Cove Resort is my dad's favorite location 'cause it's just an hour away from home. He also loves the peaceful scenery and impressive Pinoy food in Island Cove Resort. 

Three days before my dad left for abroad, he drove us to his favorite location for a yummy Pinoy lunch/merienda. Crispy pata is one of the many viands we've had for lunch. 

     Crispy Pata (good for 3-4 people)

I personally loved the binagoongang baboy. It was cooked the way I liked it. I also loved the dessert platter we have had afterwards. 

There was an event (Exodus Music and Arts Festival) that day so the resort was a bit crowded. Different bands (local and international), from various music genres, performed to entertain the resort guests and concertgoers.