Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dinosaur's Island

Our tour to Clark Pampanga for the 19th Philippine International Hot Airballoon Festival also included a side trip to Dinosaur's Island. The entrance fee to Dinosaur's Island is sold for P20. Of course, you need to pay additional charges to see the other sights. 

But since the door going to the park was literally open (As in walang nagbabantay sa entrance door compared sa jungle safari and 7D), we assumed it's free for everyone (Mahirap talagang maging assuming). Anyway, we explored the whole park and I suddenly recalled my favorite childhood movie "Jurassic Park." Humongous dinousaur replicas were all over the area. The sound of a real dinosaur was mimicked for a more realistic Jurrasic experience (In fairness natuwa naman ako)

When we were about to leave the premises, someone approached us asking for our entrance tickets. I told her no one's assigned in the entrance door when we got in so we assumed that it's free of charge. Her rude attitude really got me teed off. It's hard to keep my cool when I'm enraged (As in!). If we only knew that we've had to pay P350/ea for the entrance tickets, we certainly won't go. But I've had fun. Everything was A-OK except for that rude staff who made me downright mad.