Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lucban Langgonisa

Hi to all my followers out there! I am posting this just to brag what I've just had for yesterday's breakfast. I know not all of the people who could read this are Filipinos. FYI: The photo above is called Lucban Langgonisa. It is a famous delicacy of Lucban in Quezon Province. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Longganisa but I'd make an exception to this one. Lucban Langgonisa is a must try particularly if you are visiting Quezon Province. Luckily, this delicious delicacy is now available in some leading supermarkets in Metro Manila. My mom discovered Sonsi's, a brand that sells longganisas from different provinces in the Philippines, when she did her grocery shopping at Shopwise the other week. Surprisingly, it tastes like authentic Lucban Langgonisa! It is so delicious! I can finish a dozen in less than 10 minutes. My sister bought three dozens of Lucban Langgonisa the other day and now only one dozen's left on the fridge. I wish I could stock up for more dozens but the freezer's space is just limited.