Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vanity Strikes Again

Make-up is every girl's bestfriend. I have started wearing make-up when I was in first year college. My aunt taught me how to apply blush-on and lipstick and eventually learned how to get it done all by myself. Whenever she comes home to spend the holidays with the family, she always gives me some stock of MAC products and cute nailpolishes from famous brands such as O.P.I and Essie. Last time, I bought myself some Face Shop nailpolishes and blush on. The peach shade blush on complements my fair skin tone. I get praises from my friends whenever I wear it together with my Angel shade MAC lipstick. I also adore the color of my new nailpolish. It makes my hands look 2 years younger! LOL. I wish I could have all the products from my favorite make-up brands especially those cute MAC lippies I have been seeing on online stores. They are too die for!