Thursday, September 12, 2013

Macbook Air

Maintaining two websites at the same time is kind of laborious. It really is a difficult task to think of topics that you will post on each site. My other website is more of an informative one as it provides some of the important details of a specific boutique, gadget or restaurant. While this blog is more of my experiences or daily rants. I consider this as my personal space. I feel that I can post anything on this blog without worrying of committing grammatical errors or whatsover. And I can freely express whatever I am feeling without getting criticized. When my dad gave me a Macbook Air on my graduation day, I was in euphoria because I knew it would be a perfect tool for my blogging. My old Asus laptop died on me and I've got no choice but to blog only using my iPhone or iPod. It is kind of hard to blog when your gadget does not have any keyboards on it. I have purchased a blue casing for my Macbook Air to protect it from getting any scratches. I am still learning how to use it. I am unfamiliar which keys to use to copy and paste or download a picture from a website. But I am certain that I would eventually get the hang of it.