Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life Changing Experience

All I ever think about is F-O-O-D. It's something that I just can't get rid out of my system. Sometimes I want to suppress my appetite but I just can't. It's too hard when you have great love for food. No wonder why I've gained so much weight during my HS years. I was teased by many because I was fat. But it became one of my motivations to lose weight. I enrolled in an aerobics class and refused to eat anything that's fattening. I've shed off some pounds and I am quite happy with my figure now. It was indeed a life-changing experience for me.

But I have to admit that I am starting to eat a lot again. I've been eating fastfoods lately but I really am trying to control myself. It's hard when eating is really your passion. But whenever I remember the times when people criticized me because of my figure, i can't help but cry sometimes. I have to stop my bad eating habits as early as now because I might regret it later on.