Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On Being Practical

Who says you need expensive things just to look fashionable? In time of crisis, you really need to know how to be practical. You must know what are your priorities. I was once a brand-conscious type but after I've experienced being broke a few years back, I've come to a realization that I should really start saving up for my future.

I've started to patronize local brands after that. This pair of shoes is from my aunt. She gave this to me on my 28th birthday. It's from Solemate, a local shoe brand that can be purchased at any SM department store. I love their collection. They are so trendy and colorful. I have three pairs of Solemate shoes that come in one design but different colors, of course. They are comfy to wear too. 

New designs are now up for sale. I wish I could grab them all but I know it isn't practical to splurge on things I really don't need. I have to keep in mind what I've just learned about saving up.