Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Pullover

Hi everyone! Christmas is fast approaching. Bazaars are sprouting like mushrooms these days. I've been to Noel Bazaar at the Festival Tent with baby just the other day. There were only few stalls inside since the space is quite limited. I happened to pass by this stall that sells overrun clothes. The pullovers that I saw mostly were gorgeous but this one instantly caught my eye. I got this pullover for only PHP 100.00. A great steal, indeed!

Pullovers are "in" these days. I've been seeing several online shops selling pullovers but they are beyond my budget. I've always been tempted to place an order online but I just don't like the idea of going to the bank to make the payment. You know, It's kind of hassle on my part. That's why I really was happy to get this nice pullover. I didn't think twice of buying it. It's like the ones that I've been seeing in Forever 21 stores. 

As you can all see, it has sequins on it. It only doesn't look good but it's comfy to wear too. It's not thick and heavy so you could basically wear this even when the weather isn't too cool.