Thursday, May 22, 2014

John and Yoko Alabang Town Center

It was my first time to dine in at John and Yoko. I really didn't have the courage to try it 'cause the restaurant itself looks soshal. You know, I'm being practical these days. I don't want to splurge on things that I really don't need. Anyway, Baby came all the way from San Fernando-Pampanga just to see me. We went to Alabang Town Center so we could eat and watch a good movie afterwards. We were both first timers so obviously, it took us some time to place our orders. Since pink salmon is one of my favorites, I went for some salmon rice while baby had chicken rice. Then we ordered for Wagyu ramen (photo above) with miso based soup. The soup was well-seasoned. It was worth-trying! I asked baby to learn this dish for me since I know that she has the talent of creating any palatable dish from scratch. Afterwards, we headed to the cinema to see the Godzilla movie. I had Taters' butter flavored popcorn and Cukays' sugar-free mini cupcakes for snack. 

John and Yoko Branches:

Greenbelt 5
Alabang Town Center