Thursday, May 29, 2014

Holly's Coffee Branches in the Philippines

I'm a sucker for coffee. If you've read my prior blog entries, I've been talking about my Starbucks adventures with family, quite a lot actually. Anyway, I was able to try this new coffee shop called Holly's Coffee at SM Southmall last Saturday. The place was a bit crowded when I got in since it was a weekend. But surprisingly, the place maintained to be quiet unlike the other coffee shops I've been to. I felt at home right after I set my foot in. It's cozy and it's conducive for studying or reading your favorite novel-- I guess I just found my new sanctuary! I looked at their menu board and saw some drinks that you can't find anywhere else. But since I was a first timer, I went safe and just had strawberry smoothies while my aunt went for some macchiato. It really was good- no exaggerations! Every sip was divine! This place warrants another visit from me. 

Holly's Coffee Branches:

One Archers Place- Taft
SM Southmall-Las Pinas