Sunday, May 25, 2014

Samsung Duos Win

Got my new baby just yesterday! Thank you, Papa Jesus! I've already disposed my 1 year old Blackberry 9360 'cause it kept hanging every time. I was supposed to get the Samsung Duos 2 but the size was kind of small for me. You know, I'm more into tablet types that have ginormous screen displays. I really am enjoying my Samsung Duos Win so much. The size is just right for my grip. I love the fact that I can download some cool music and videos straight to my phone without any hassle. Kudos to Android phones! I'd like to get the Samsung Grand next time. It's way bigger and the camera's much better. But this phone's main camera is decent enough to take nice photos. I'm just kind of disappointed with the front camera though. Selfie pics mostly were grainy.