Saturday, February 01, 2014

Missing Hong Kong

I can still remember the very first time I traveled via airplane. I was in 5th grade and it was an out-of-the country trip with my family. We paid a visit to my aunt who's based in Hong Kong. She paid for all of our travel expenses including our passports and airline tickets. I've already been to HK for many times and the last time I went there was in 2005 (Christmastime). I've got the opportunity to travel all by myself. I just couldn't imagine that I did that at the age of 19 ( indeed a big check on my bucket list). I was still sort of immature that time but I was able to handle all the stress that I could ever experience from traveling alone.

It was already dinner time when the plane landed at the HK airport. Everything went smoothly. I didn't encounter any problems at the HK immigration and even in getting my luggages from the conveyor.  My aunt fetched me after office hours. We had a quick dinner at Mcdonald's before taking the HK taxi going to her flat. It was freezing cold when I got out of the airport. If I remember correctly the temperature that time was 9-10 degrees Celsius. I've had to borrow my aunt's winter jacket to keep me warm.

Since she can't take a day off work, I just made myself busy going out to do some Christmas shopping for myself & family. Commuting in HK is real safe. Nothing to fret about getting robbed while taking the bus, tram or any puv. I usually take the bus going to Pacific Place from her flat and the fare only costs around 5 HK dollars. I've also been to the IFC Mall, Festival Walk, Landmark, SOGO department store and Times Square Shopping Mall.

But the highlight of my trip to HK was visiting the Disneyland. I was so happy to see my favorite Disney characters up close and personal during the parade. It brought back a lot of my childhood memories. I am missing Hong Kong so much. It's like my second home.