Monday, February 10, 2014

Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water In The Morning

Drinking warm lemon water has been part of my everyday morning routine for several months now. I've read from different health-related blogs online that drinking warm (not hot) lemon water has multifold health benefits. 

- It helps flush out toxins in your body. 
- It helps boost your immune system since lemons are high in vitamin C. 
- It helps lessen blemishes and wrinkles. 
- It enhances your mood. 
- It energizes you. 
- It aids in weight loss since lemons are high in pectin fiber. 
- It balances pH levels since lemons are known as one of the most alkalizing foods. 

Lemons are quite expensive here in our country. I'm just beyond blessed that I have got my own supplier of fresh lemons---my baby! Every time we go out on a date, she always have a bag of fresh lemons for me. Lemon has become a part of my daily beauty regimen too!