Monday, February 03, 2014

My Outfit Inspirations

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

I'm no fashionista but I know what outfits will look good on me though. I do like reading fashion-related blogs including Laureen Uy's Break My Style blog. It's a good inspiration for all those who have great love for fashion. She has her own unique style that no one could ever imitate. She could carry almost any outfit even the style you never thought is possible. 

I'm conservative and I hardly wear sophisticated outfits and when I do, I always make sure that it's comfortable to wear and not too revealing. The outfit (photo above) is something that I could wear on a date. It's simple yet classy. The pumps are gorgeous! And the color is perfect for my fair skin tone. 

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

While this outfit is perfect for malling. I'm a jeans person. I like wearing it when going out with family or friends. It's very comfortable to wear especially when paired with flats or flip flops. The blazer makes it more elegant-looking but the white top alone would do wonders. You would never go wrong with a white collared top. It's something that you should always have in your closet.